Excellence …

A 50 m2 with 5 meters to the ceiling, spacious control-room, equipped with a 72-channel SSL Duality console, 
PMC QB1 XMB-A main monitors,  

B&W 800 midfield and nearfild monitors by Kii Three, PSI, Genelec, Yamaha, Auratone. 

Pro-Tools HDX-2 , DAD 80ch. i/o plus JCF Latte i/o for mixdown, Ampex ATR-102 tape recorder plus an extensive outboard selection, both vintage and new

See equipment for furher info.

A large room constructed to seamlessly alter between stereo and surround monitoring, mixing, tracking.

A console capable of mixing parallel in both stereo and surround, all within the analog domain, or digital if you prefer.

By combining the best of both the analog and digital world we provide you with the tools you need.