Perfection …

Ext mic pres from:

Neve 1073, 1066, 1081 all vintage,  Chandler, DW Fearn, API, RND, Vintage Design.

Dynamics from:

Analogue Tube AT101 and AT1 (Fairchild 670 and 660) , Retro Instruments Sta-Level, Strohm, Chandler, Crane Song, Emperical Labs, Universal Audio, Purple Audio, RND, ANA MOD,


Bricasti (4),  TC Electronics 6000, Lexicon 480, Eventide H8000, AMS-16 plus most plugins available.


Neumann, Telefunken, Thuresson, DPA, Audio-Technica, Shure, Sony, Ehrlund, Sennheiser.


Yamaha C7X, Grand Piano with Disklavier, ,Hammond B3 with 145 Leslie, Fender Rhodes, assortment of Keyboards and Synth`s. By Yamaha : Motif  xf 7, Nord Electro, Korg Trition.

Extensive collection of Vintage, Boutique and Custom-shop  Amps, Cabs, Keyboards


Tama -Star bubinga, vintage Ludwig 70´s, Cymbals by Meinl, Ziljian

All set up and maintained in excellent playing condition. Please contact us for more info.